Cheryl’s Children's Home & Learning Centre (CCHLC) is a registered Non-governmental organization working with and for children and the marginalized communities in Kenya. CCHLC works closely with those who are underprivileged and socially disadvantaged in the slums and rural communities in order to improve their social and economic status with the aim of healing orphaned and vulnerable children.  With this help it is hoped that they can recover from trauma and receive the necessary environment to start with their own lives. CCHLC is committed to providing the best experiences and opportunities to all the children within the home.

Cheryl’s has taken all the children as their own offering parental love, care and affection hence being the replaced parents. This approach can be seen in the children well being and a relative short healing period. There is absolutely no distinction in tribal origins both with respect to the children and the care givers. Qualified social workers give intense guidance to the children to prepare them for their lives.

We are committed to the plight of many Kenyan children orphaned or made vulnerable by diseases and poverty. “IT TAKES A WHOLE VILLAGE TO RAISE  A CHILD” has no greater meaning than here in the slums of Nairobi.  Together we can make greater difference in the lives  and  future of these children.